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Campus Fire Safety

Going to college is an exciting time for students and their parents. Living in a new “home away from home” not only gives young adults more freedom to make their own choices, but it also provides them an increased level of personal responsibility while at school.

When it comes to on- and off-campus housing, it’s important for students and parents to keep fire safety top of mind. Here is everything you need to know about fire safety on campus!

Off-Campus Impact

Almost all (94 percent) fatal campus fires occur off-campus. Alcohol is a factor in three-quarters of fatal campus fires.

Campus Fire Safety Facts & Stats 
  • 94 percent of fatal campus fires occurred off-campus.
  • Smoking (29 percent) was the leading cause of fatal campus fires.
  • Alcohol was a factor in 76 percent of fatal campus fires.
  • Smoke alarms were either missing or tampered with (disconnected or battery removed) in 58 percent of fatal campus fires.
  • Fire sprinklers were not present in any of the 85 fatal campus fires.
  • 70 percent of fatal campus fires occurred on the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • 73 percent of the fatal fires occurred between midnight and 6 a.m.
  • April was the peak month (13 percent) for fatal fires in campus housing.