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Marty Reynolds 

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Serving the District Since 2001 (Fire Service-1976)

Marty began his fire career with the Belmont Fire Department as a volunteer in 1976, and in 1978, choose to make it his career. Serving with the Boling Springs FD, Parker District FD, and ending his career with the Belmont Fire Department where he retired as a fulltime member(Assistant Chief of Operations) in 2010. Marty continues to serve as volunteer, and also continues to teach for the SC Fire Academy.

What made You want to serve?    I've aquired a lot of expereince in what NOT to do. I want to pass forward, what to do!

Favorite Quote:  "We do dangerous things...Safely"


Whats your favorite food, animal, sport and sports team?   BBQ, Dogs and Cats & NASCAR


If You could go back in time and talk to the 12 year old  You, what would you tell yourself?  You will survive this. "This too shall pass"