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Gordon Smith 

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Serving the District Since 2016  (Fire Service Since 1981)

What made You want to serve?    For me, public service was a family tradition. My father was part of the team that started the Pelzer Rescue  Squad,  and the Piedmont Fire Department., where he also served as a Commissioner for 22 years. My mother was an RN for the Greenville Hospital System.

Favorite Quote:  "Ya'll get in there. It's not going to put itself out!."                                                                            


Whats your favorite food, animal, sport and sports team?   Low Country Boil, my dauchsand puppy "Mojo", Hockey & Clemson Football & Baseball, and the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Team.


If You could go back in time and talk to the 12 year old  You, what would you tell yourself?   The road ahead is rough, be prepared. Spend more time with loved ones, and love them while they are still here. Your heart may never recover from whats thrown your way. The game of life will last longer than 9 innings, try to be ahead at the end of the game. Always remember, God has never let you down, make sure he could say the same thing about you!